ST5000 Software Status Bits

There are 32 software status bits in an integer bitfield.

ST5000 Software Status Bits
Bit Name Comment
0x00000001 ST5K_MGR Manager is running
0x00000002 ST5K_MON Command Monitor is running
0x00000004 ST5K_GML General Measurement Loop is running. This samples the hardware (ADCs, DIN, etc).
0x00000008 ST5K_TLM Telemetry frame task is running
0x00000010 ST5K_ACQ Acquisition task is running
0x00000020 ST5K_TRK Tracking task is running
0x00000040 ST5K_LIS Attitude Determination (Lost in Space) is running.
0x00000080 ST5K_PIT Progressive Image Transmission is running.
0x00000100 ST5K_HEARTBEAT Toggles at 1.024Hz, indicates the ST5000 timer interrupt is being received
0x00000200 ST5K_GML_ENAB General Measurement Loop is enabled.
0x00000400 ST5K_TLM_ENAB Telemetry is enabled.
0x00000800 ST5K_FRAMING Exposure time is being changed for the next integration
0x00001000 ST5K_ACQ_SAVE Save acquisition grabs to the on-board solid state disk
0x00002000 ST5K_READOUT The tracker is in between the Get Out Of Town (GOT) interrupt and the Image Stored interrupt.
0x00004000 ST5K_WATCHDOG The Video Sync interrupt is not being received.
0x00008000 ST5K_TICKTOCK Slowly toggles as the tracker runs, driven by the vertical sync interrupt.
0x00010000 ST5K_TRACK_CCD Tracking is being done in the tangent plane projection normal to the line of sight. Bad. Don't command this, not supported.
0x00020000 ST5K_FILENAME_WRAP When saving acquisition grabs, circular filenames of the form acq.??.grab are used,
where ?? wraps at 15 (x486) or 63 (Geode).
If not wrapping, names are of the form st5k.yyyymmdd.hhmmss.grab.
0x00040000 ST5K_LOCKED Tracker is locked on and tracking.
0x00080000 ST5K_PACKETS Lines of text are packetized using the ST5000 xmsg protocol.
0x00100000 ST5K_MIRROR_MODE Indicates a view through a fold mirror. The ST5000 reflects its readout across the middle row.
Two reflections about non-parallel axes is equivalent to a rotation, which will come out in Roll.
0x00200000 ST5K_TRACK_B Track out of RAM B. Default is RAM A. RAM B is used by PIT.
0x00400000 ST5K_INERTIAL

Equation 6.6 in the Coordinate Systems document.
The ST5000 computes the error from target internally, and uses the analog voltage outputs to null the error.

0x00800000 - -
0x01000000 ST5K_GOT_ALARM The Get Out of Town interrupt is not being received.
0x02000000 ST5K_IMS_ALARM The Image Stored interrupt is not being received.
0x04000000 - -
0x08000000 - -
0x10000000 - -
0x20000000 - -
0x40000000 - -
0x80000000 ST5K_TRACE For debugging.