Hook-up Instructions (for SALT)

Hooking up at the telescope end

Note: the SALT ST5000 has an electronics Base and sensor Head at the telescope end.

  1. Check that the power entry module Base is OFF.
  2. Connect the Base to a grounded AC outlet. Leave AC power OFF.
  3. Connect P101 and P102 inter-system cable ends to J101 and J102 on the Base.
  4. Connect P1 & P2 inter-system cable ends to J1 and J2 on the Head.
  5. If you have the breakout box:
    1. Connect P401 cable end to J401 on the breakout box
    2. Connect P103 cable end to J103 on the Base.
    3. Make sure the FLT/TEST switch on the breakout box is in TEST position.
  6. If you do not have the breakout box
    1. Connect the P103 standalone connector to J103 on the Base.
  7. Connect fiber optic cables #1 - #6 at the Base. Save the protective caps for reuse and transport.
  8. Leave the AC power off.
  9. You are done at the telescope end.

Hooking up at the control room end

Note: The SALT ST5000 requires the ST5000 fiber interface box (provided), a video monitor, and a Java-enabled computer in the control room.

  1. Make sure the power entry module switch on the BACK of the interface box is OFF.
  2. Make sure the power switch on the FRONT of the interface box is OFF.
  3. Connect the interface box to grounded AC power. Leave AC power OFF.
  4. Connect the RS-232 cable from J603 on the interface box to COM1 on the PC.
  5. Connect the 10base-T network cable to J602.
  6. Connect the RS-170 video output to the appropriate converter/monitor.
  7. Connect fiber optic cables #1 - #6 to the interface box. Save the rubber caps.
  8. You are done in the control room.

Starting up a star finding session

  1. Turn on AC power at the rear of the interface box.
  2. Turn on AC power at the front of the interface box. NOTE: when rack mounted, leave the rear switch on and control the AC with just the front switch.
  3. Start up the ST5000 GUI program on the computer.
  4. Watch the command window during the tracker power-up to monitor boot-up progress
  5. Turn on AC at the ST5000 Base. Wait 60 seconds for the boot-up to finish.
  6. NOTE: the star finding catalogs take another minute to load; you can't do star finding until the catalogs are loaded.
  7. To use the ST5000 from the GUI, start here.